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Midnight and Other Endings by Kae Sun

Midnight and Other Endings

1. Mass (Intro) by Sam I AM Montolla (free) 01:49
2. 404 Eros 04:05
3. Midnight Creepshow 02:48
4. Bright Lights 04:32
5. Philae (Outro) by Debby Friday 00:48

Midnight and Other Endings


Tracks 1,3,4,5 produced by: Yama//Sato
404 Eros produced by: Victor Bongiovanni
Mixed by: Tanguy Meunier
Mastered by: Sabastian Navarro
Guitars: Elijah Manseveni
Rhodes on Bright Lights: Shiraz Adham
Additional Vocals: Sam I am Montolla, Debby Friday, Odile Myrtle
Additional production: Tanguy Meunier
Creative Direction: Christian Boakye-Agyeman
Artistic Direction and Photography: Ericke Tjiueza
Graphic Design: Kyera Mapp