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Lion on a Leash by Kae Sun

Lion on a Leash

1. How Long 04:36
2. Too Young, Too Soon 04:13
3. A Day Goes By 04:11
4. Jungle Law 03:28
5. Black Candles 04:23
6. Freedom Train by Outspoken Alphai 02:18
7. Free 03:03
8. Word (Interlude) 00:26
9. Lion On A Leash 03:28
10. Going The Distance 05:16
11. Blow At The Stars 03:40
12. On The Lookout 03:57

Lion on a Leash


Kae Sun maintains his diverse style performing solo acoustic or with a band and will release his debut full length album “Lion on a Leash” on URBNET Records. The album is a product of Kae Sun’s experience and what he has learned on his musical journey. In addition to producing many of the tracks on this record himself, Kae was able work with an array of his favourite musicians such as Mr. Something Something, Vanderpark, Miles Jones and Voices of Savannah.