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AFRIYIE by Kae Sun


1. Blackstar Rising 04:00
2. Heart Healing Pulse 04:07
3. Lion Unleashed 03:21
4. Burden of Love 04:51
5. Ship and the Globe 03:18
6. Dzorwulu Junction 03:30
7. Lead Loaded Letters 03:51
8. When the Pot 03:33
9. Weh-Weh 02:43
10. Stillness 03:44



Kae Sun’s 2nd full-length album “Afriyie” (2013), funded by FACTOR, received acclaim from the likes of MTV Iggy, who said of the record, “With Afriyie, Kae Sun has [emerged] as one of the most promising singer-songwriters in the international scene.” The album has achieved traction worldwide particularly in Asia, charting in S. Korea, Singapore and Taiwan and reaching over 2 million views on Youtube.